FurBall Hair Remover

FurBall Hair Remover

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 Welcome to a Fur-Less Lifestyle

Remove fur and reduce static & wrinkles while softening clothes in the washer & dryer with FurBall® (2-Pack).

Perfect For:

  • Hair/Fur Removal
  • Wrinkle Prevention
  • Reduce Static
  • Quicker Drying Time
  • Replacing toxic dryer sheets
  • Softening Clothes
Prevents Damage to Clothing

The soft shape and texture of FurBall® does not cause wear and tear. With no sharp points, sticky, or rough material, Furball® is designed to remove hair without damaging your laundry!

Reduce Wrinkles and Static

FurBall® aids in separating clothing items which can help provide a faster drying time and reduce wrinkles and static cling of laundry.

Scrubbing Droplets

Multi-sized areas to create a scrubbing effect on laundry to remove fur and debris.

Help Remove Fur

Large open surfaces help to create a beating effect to knock off remaining fur or debris from your laundry!