These cookies are for dogs, right?

  • They sure are! All of our products are made with human-grade ingredients so you could eat them, too! They are crunchier and not as sweet as human goodies, but they aren't bad!

Is everything made in-house?

  • Yep! We make all of our bulk bones, decorated case cookies, Icy Pup cups, and cakes in our in-store kitchen! Contact us about custom cookies or cakes for your pup!

What makes your products different from what I could purchase elsewhere?

  • Our motto is that there is nothing in the store that we wouldn't feed, have fed, or do feed our pets. You can feel confident in knowing that we have tried everything in the store and stand by our products.

What do you carry?

  • We carry a wide variety of food (kibble, canned and raw), treats, supplements, toys, collars, accessories and harnesses. The food brands we carry are: Farmina, Fromm, Nutrisource, Essence, Zignature, Koha, Weruva, and Answers.

What if my pet doesn't like what I bought them?

  • No problem! We offer a guarantee on everything we sell. If your pet didn't like the new food you bought to try, then return it to us and we'll find something else that Fido will love.

Are dogs allowed in the store?

  • Absolutely! Dogs on leash are always welcome; we love when people bring their pets in! A member of the Corgsquad is usually running around ready to greet you, too.