Tickled Pet Sweet Potatoes

Tickled Pet Sweet Potatoes

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All-natural sweet potato dog treats made in the USA

Frenched means that they are a fry cut compared to our strips

These are a healthy chewy vegetarian alternative to rawhide dog chews

Loaded with healthy nutrients to keep you and your pet happy and healthy

Natural chews that work great for dental hygiene and help clean teeth and gums

Wholesome and delicious, Single ingredient, Nothing artificial!

16oz of dehydrated sweet potato fries

Rawhide Alternative Dog Treats Frenched Sweet Potatoes are a great dog treat and a healthy rawhide alternative.

This is a tough dog chew that is a natural rawhide replacement that helps with dental health and hygiene.

Sliced french fry cut and made with no additives, soy, wheat, yeast, or anything else other than sweet potatoes!